“ASMR Script for A Happier You” (short short) has been published in the first issue of Yes Femmes, March 2017.

I’ve been waiting for you. Clack clack. No. You’re not late. Clack. You’re perfect. Have a seat. Good. Lie back. Thsss. Nnguh. Click. I’m very happy to see you. Click. Relax. Sahhhh. Let’s give you tingles. Sahhhh. You don’t have to stay perfectly still. But stay as still as you can…

“Slug” (short story) has been republished in Great Jones Street, an app/online anthology of short stories (February 2017).


“Germ Camp” (short story), Fence, Fall/Winter 2016.


Excerpts from Proxies (cross-genre work-in-progress), Grimoire, July 2016. 


Notes Towards an Essay on Bad Laughter,” The Spectacle, April 2016.
“AB 469: A Po(r)ny-ography in Three Parts,” SPECS 7: Unicorn Issue (April 2016).

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KILL MARGUERITE AND OTHER STORIES, Emergency Press, February 11, 2014. More information here.




THE FEELS, Black Warrior Review 42.2, Spring/Summer 2016.

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My third chapbook, The Feels, is out now in the latest issue of Black Warrior Review. The Feels is a collection of crossgenre writing that grew out of my Fan Fiction and Affect workshop for the AW Mellon Art & Scholarship series last year at UW-Madison. It features Melissa Etheridge lyrics upsetting / or feeling with / William James’s classic theory of emotion; feel extractions from One Direction fan fic; some dirty drabbles; and the Feel Machines (e.g. writing exercises) used to make these treasures. 

Collaborator in Lily Hoang’s chapbook The End of Something Great, Birds of Lace, forthcoming 2016.

TWINS, Birds of Lace Press, December 2012. Sold out!

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KILL MARGUERITE, Another New Calligraphy, May 2009. 64 pages. Sold out!



“July 14: Bastille Day,” in collaboration with Andrew Farkas, in White Horse, a multi-author chapbook based on posts to Sidebrow‘s White Horse project, Sidebrow Books, January 2012.

“My Father and I Were Bent Groundward,” in 30 Under 30: An Anthology of Innovative Fiction by Younger Writers, ed. Blake Butler and Lily Hoang, Starcherone Press, July 2011.

“Slug,” in The &NOW Awards: The Best Innovative Writing, ed. Robert Archambeau, Davis Schneiderman, and Steve Tomasula, Lake Forest College Press, October 2009.

“Slug,” in Fist of the Spider Woman: Tales of Fear and Queer Desire, ed. Amber Dawn, Arsenal Pulp Press, April 2009.

“A Date with Stephen Lamont,” excerpt from novel, in Wreckage of Reason: An Anthology of Contemporary Experimental Prose by Women Writers, ed. Nava Renek, Spuyten Duyvil, 2008.





Earl and Ed,” republished in Psychopomp‘s Digital Reprints, March 2016.


“I Don’t Want to Need You,” Cream City Review 39.1 (Spring/Summer 2015): Genre Queer Folio Issue.

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“Tell Me I’m Who Your Mouth Was Made For,” OCHO: A Journal of Queer Arts, March 2015.


“Storm Room, or, Participatory Theater with Moms,” The Account, Fall 2014.

“Traumarama: A Collaboration,” Projecttile, August 2013.

“Swamp Cycle,” Artifice Magazine: Issue 5, June 2012.

“Floaters,” in collaboration with Leeyanne Moore, Red Lightbulbs 9: Collaborations (November 2012).

“Earl & Ed,” Monsters & Dust: Issue Three — the FLOWERS Issue (November 2012).


“Incest Dream, or Slam Poem for E,” PANK 6 (January 2012): 178-180.

“Dionysus,” PANK: The Queer Issue, September 2011.

“The Girl with the Expectorating Orifices (excerpt),” Everyday Genius, July 2010.

“Alma, Age Twelve: Assistant Babysitter & Future Failed Suicide,” in collaboration with Leeyanne Moore, Western Humanities Review 64.2 (Summer 2010): 20-34.

“She Is Hovering,” in collaboration with Davis Schneiderman, Mad Hatters Review, Spring 2010.

“Juneteenth, Dulles,” Wigleaf, March 2010.

“Tomato Heart,” The Wild, Vol. 1, Fall 2009: 79-82.

thewild–interpreted and performed as movement piece by Cathy Nicoli at Amherst College, 2007.

“July 14: Bastille Day,” in collaboration with Andrew Farkas, Sidebrow, October 2009.

“Yuri-G,” finalist in DIAGRAM’s Innovative Fiction Contest, DIAGRAM 7.3 (June 2007).

“Circe,” Pocket Myths 4: The Odyssey, November 2006: 40-45.